Brazil Flag in the football stadium

10 Best Brazilian Soccer Players of All Time – Kamkru

Brazil Flag in the football stadium

10 Best Brazilian Soccer Players of All Time - Kamkru

There are some of the greatest football players all around the world. Brazil´s players are well-know. Even kids around the world have heard many Brazilian soccer players. No doubt. Without delay, we, Kamkru, provide many blogs like this that you should check out to learn more about football and etc. However, let's see the ranking of the Top 10 best brazilian soccer players in Brazil's football history.

10. Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho on vacation in Argentina

Wikipedia contributors. (2023f). Ronaldinho.Wikipedia.

Ronaldinho has ball control akill that inspired many new players. He played for FC Barcelona, PSG and AC Milan. He won Spanish and Italian championships and the UEFA Champions League in 2005–2006.

In World Cup in 2002, he became known for a remarkable long-range free-kick against England, and the Ballon d’Or in 2005.

9. Romário

Romario Headshot in a suit

Wikipedia contributors. (2023h). Romário.Wikipedia.

Romario scored an amazing goal that made him unbeatable that season in the 1994 World Cup. He has been a pro soccer player for 20 years and has scored many goals. He played for Vasco Da Gama, PSV Eindhoven, Barcelona and Valencia.

He played a huge role for brazil national team. Romario helped Brazil won the 1994 World Cup and scored 56 times in 70 games for the national team and also with the Copa America titles in 1989 and 1997, including the 1997 Confederations Cup.

8. Jairzinho

Old Age Jaizinho in casual outfit

Wikipedia contributors. (2023d). Jairzinho.Wikipedia.

Jairzinho scored in every match during the 1970 World Cup. Jairzinho started as a striker but replaced Garrincha as a right winger later on.

His speed and ball control made him vital in the team. Jairzinho also briefly worked as a manager with Al-Wehda in Saudi Arabia, Kalamata in Greece, and the Gabon national team.

7. Rivaldo

Rivaldo as a Sao Caetano Captain

Wikipedia contributors. (2023g). Rivaldo. Wikipedia.

Rivaldo played in midfield for Barcelona and AC Milan and the fans loved him. He played for 14 different teams in 6 different countries, but he got recognized at FC Barcelona and AC Milan when he scored 129 goals in 235 games for Barcelona.

he won championships in 1997–1998 and 1998–1999 at Barcelona. In 1999, he was named Europe's top player, which was huge because the last time a Brazilian player won that award was in 1972. He helped AC Milan win the UEFA Champions League in 2003.

6. Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos Press Conferrence with Brazil National Team

Wikipedia contributors. (2023m, September 18).Roberto Carlos – Wikipedia.

Roberto Carlos started his professional soccer career at Palmeiras, a Brazilian soccer team. He was a defender for Real Madrid and Brazilian national team, and he became famous for both teams. He helped his teams win 4 La Liga titles and 3 trophies with his defense skill and left-footed shots.

He played 500 matches and won one Champions League title at Real Madrid. In international matches, he made 125 appearances and won one World Cup title in 2002 and Copa America in 1997 and 1999. He also represented Brazilian national team 125 times.

5. Sócrates

Socrates in the Training Area with Sun Glasses

Wikipedia contributors. (2023h). Sócrates.Wikipedia.

Socrates became famous for using the backheel pass. He is called ‘Doctor' because he was a medical doctor and he often talked about problems, which made him a deep thinker and a good leader. He played a big part in Brazilian national team ‘s midfield.

In the 1982 World Cup, he led Brazil with a very talented team. They did well in the early rounds and played amazingly, scoring a goal, but facing Italy is difficult and Italy won in the end. Socrates played as a 50-year-old player-manager for Garforth Town in England and passed away in December 2011.

4. Zico

Zico as a Iraq team manager against Oman

Wikipedia contributors. (2023o, September 18).Zico (footballer) – Wikipedia.

Zico is a Brazilian soccer player who has great passing skills. He played with Socrates in midfield. He scored 333 goals at the Maracana Stadium, taking Flamengo to 4 league titles, the Copa Libertadores and Club World Cup, and won against Kenny Dalglish's Liverpool.

Zico is known as one of the best midfielders globally. He was finishing 8 in the FIFA Player of the Century vote in 1999. He scored 48 goals in 71 matches as a midfielder. After retirement, he became the manager of the Japanese team and helped them win the 2004 Asian Cup.

3. Garrincha

Garrincha in Brazillian Team on the pitch

Wikipedia contributors. (2023i). Garrincha.Wikipedia.

Garrincha is one of the best Brazilian footballers who played with Pele in the 1958 World Cup against Russia and became famous as the best dribbler in the world. He was the one who set up those goals, making defenders look silly on the right side of the field. He was talented. The teams sometimes had to assign 3 players to beat him but he always won.

He played to entertain and make people happy. In his early career, He faced many problems because of his physical health. However, Garrincha is still remembered by Brazilian fans.

2. Ronaldo

Ronaldo in 2019 picture while interviewing

Wikipedia contributors. (2023k). Ronaldo (Brazilian footballer).Wikipedia.

Ronaldo was the reason many people started watching football in the 90s and he also is one of the best goal-scorers ever in the world. He had great skill and people loved him no matter which team he played for.

He won the World Cup with Brazil and became famous for that at 17 years old. He started his professional career at 16 and scored 44 goals in 47 matches, including 5 in a game against Bahia, helping them win the Copa Do Brasil.

1. Pele

Pele in world cup with brazil national team

Wikipedia contributors. (2023m). Pelé.Wikipedia.

Pelé became the youngest player to feature in a World Cup final and has been the greatest Brazilian footballer ever since for Brazilian team Many people respected him and the International Olympic Committee chose him to be the athlete of the Century. He also scored 541 goals in league matches.

Pele played for the Brazilian national team when he was 16. In the 1958 World Cup against Russia, he showed his skill and scoring ability. He played in 3 of Brazil's 5 World Cups winning.

In conclusion, these players have succeeded a lot in the world of football. They have been widely regarded as the greatest Brazilian footballers and earned many titles in this beautiful game including gaining lots of fans worldwide, leading Brazil to success. 

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