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What is Courtsiding - Is it Legal?

Many bettors and gamblers fantasize about foreseeing event betting outcomes in advance, which could lead to substantial profit without risk. A betting approach known as courtsiding offers similar potential. Courtsiding entails having advanced knowledge of a sports market or event outcome before bookmakers have access to the information.

What is Courtsiding?

Courtsiding exploits live betting from sportsbooks, commonly used in tennis but adaptable to various sports. Bettors must attend the event they're betting on, like a tennis match. As the match unfolds, you swiftly place a live bet or instruct someone else to, right after a point concludes.

This competes with the sportsbook, aiming to secure your bet before they adjust the odds. In sports like tennis, a single point can dramatically shift the match. If you bet before sportsbooks adjust the odds, you could be taking advantage.

How does Courtsiding Work?

Courtsiding relies on technology and its delays to gain an advantage. Bookies depend on match umpires to update live betting scores. When a point is won, the umpire updates the score manually at the event venue, and this is sent electronically to data companies. Bookmakers use this data to quickly adjust lines.

Despite technology's speed, slight delay is expected here, enabling courtsiders to anticipate odds changes. If a bettor places a wager after a point but before data updates the line, an edge is gained.

Is Courtsiding Illegal?

Courtside betting isn't a legitimate betting strategy for winning in sports betting. While not explicitly illegal, it's frowned upon and heavily discouraged. Unlike other countries, Australia is the only country that has taken action against courtsiding, charging a person for corrupting betting outcomes and using insider information for bets during the Australian Open in 2014.

Although generally not breaking laws if adhering to event venue rules, stadiums are vigilant and may eject courtsiders. Legal consequences are unlikely, except for violating trespass orders or in Australia. Bookies also disapprove, and if they suspect inside information is accessed through courtsiding, they can ban bettors from further wagering.

Value Betting

Value betting resembles arbitrage betting, but it focuses on betting solely on outcomes with overpriced odds, rather than covering all possibilities. Unlike arbitrage betting where most people secure wins in all scenarios, value betting might not guarantee wins in every sports match. However, over time, it proves more profitable as you avoid paying bookmaker vigorish, their profit margin embedded in betting odds.

Locating value bets independently can be challenging, leading many to utilize free value betting software for assistance. For those who wish to identify such opportunities manually, you can make use of my value betting calculator.

Matched betting is akin to arbitrage betting as it entails placing bets on all possible outcomes of a match. However, matched betting leverages bookmaker bonuses to enhance profits. Bookmakers provide value through signup and reload bonuses, along with ongoing promotions, which can be transformed into cash if utilized skillfully.

Bonuses such as doubling deposits with free bets or securing wins even if your selection comes 2nd or 3rd present exploitable value for profitable gains.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting capitalizes on specific odds combinations, enabling bets on all potential match outcomes through different bookmakers, securing profit regardless of the result. Arbitrage betting typically yields 1-2% profit per stake.

Due to the challenge of identifying arbitrage opportunities, many resort to arbitrage betting software, which scans bookmaker odds and notifies users when such opportunities arise.

Want a "Sure" Bet? Go now!

Courtsiding, once a potential making-money method in sports betting games, is a dubious method and may even be illegal in some places. It's better to steer clear of anyone suggesting match-fixing or courtsiding for profit.

For genuinely profitable and legal approaches, focus on methods like arbitrage, value, or matched betting. However, bookmakers might not welcome your success and could ban you, though this often takes a few months to detect. Always practice gambling responsibly.

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