Booking card with two football on the track

Football Booking Points: What are Booking Point

Booking card with two football on the track

Football Booking Points: What are Booking Points and How do They Work?

Football Booking Points are a system for keeping track of disciplinary actions during a football match. These points are assigned to players and teams offering a way to bet on the level of aggression and fouls in a game. Understanding booking points and is crucial for sports bettors seeking more depth in their football betting as well as football tips and having reliable bookmakers.

What are Booking Points in Football?

In football, booking points track the number of yellow and red cards given by the referee. Bettors can bet on whether there will be more or fewer of these points during a game. You can bet over a certain number or under it.

The goal of booking points betting is to predict how many yellow and red cards will be shown in a 90-minute game. If you expect a rough match, you might bet high, but in a friendly game with uneven teams, you'd bet low. Booking points are a unique aspect of football betting, offering a different option than typical match or goalscorer bets.

It lets you bet on whether a game will have lots of cards or not. Plus, it's a useful tool to increase your odds when creating custom bets.

How do Booking Points Work?

Booking points come from both teams in a game, and you bet on the total number of cards shown. Bookmakers use booking points for red and yellow cards. They then allow you to bet on how many points you think there'll be over the duration of a match.

Yellow Card: 10 points

Red Card: 25 points

So, if a game has seven yellow cards, it's 70 booking points. But if there are two straight red cards, it's 50 booking points.

It can be a bit tricky when a player gets a second yellow card and then a red. The points for two yellows and a red are 45 (10+10+25). But for a second yellow and then a red, it's 35 points (10+25).

No single player can earn more than 35 booking points, and managers and substitutes can also get yellow and red cards, but most bookmakers don't include them in this count. Always check the bookmaker's rules and terms for clarity

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What to Consider for Successful Booking Points Betting?

When betting on booking points in football, there are several important things to consider in this betting market:


Check who the referee for the game is because some referees are stricter than others in giving out cards. For example, Stuart Attwell gives more yellow cards on average than Lee Mason, showing that referees can vary in their card decisions.

Avoid Dead Rubbers

Consider the context of the game. Football matches at the end of the season between teams with nothing at stake are less likely to have many cards. Conversely, high-stakes matches like semi-finals or games between title contenders are more likely to have cards as players may make fouls to gain an advantage.

Teams and Players

Look at the past yellow and red cards received by the teams and individual players. Teams with a history of aggressive play tend to receive more bookings. Defensive midfielders and center backs often get the most cards due to their tackling roles. Also, consider player rivalries and influential players who may be targeted with fouls.

Keep in mind that even with thorough research, booking points betting doesn't guarantee certain outcomes, as teams can change their behavior in a game. Additionally, many football bettors and bookmakers analyze these factors, so finding favorable odds can be challenging in booking points betting.

Booking Points Market

When you're thinking about betting on booking points in football, there are different ways to do it, and you need to know some important rules:

Over/Under Betting

You can bet on whether there will be more or fewer booking points than a certain number, like over/under 50 points. If you expect a game to be aggressive with lots of cards, you bet “over,” and if you think it will be calm, you bet “under.”

Booking Points Ranges

Some bookmakers offer ranges like ‘0-20 Booking Points,' '21-40 Booking Points,' and '41+ Booking Points.' You choose the range you think will match the number of cards in the game.

Betting on the Number of Cards

In this style, you bet on the exact numbers shown in the match. For example, 1 yellow card is 1 card, 1 red card is 2 cards, and 2 yellow cards leading to a red card is 3 cards.

Other Booking Points Markets

Most Booking Points: You can bet on which team will have more booking points in the game.

Half Booking Points: You predict the number of booking points for a specific half of the game, usually the first or second half.

Home/Away Booking Points: Bet on a specific team and how many booking points they'll get, over or under a set number.

Player to Be Booked: You can bet on a specific player to receive a booking, especially if they have a reputation for being combative.

Besides these, there are even more booking-related markets like time of the first/last card, Total cards being odd or even and etc.

Best Games to Bet on Booking Points

When deciding whether to bet high or low on booking points football, it depends on the game you're betting on. However, certain games tend to have more booking points:

North London Derby: Matches between Arsenal and Tottenham are known for their intensity. On average, these games had 52.5 booking points between 2020/21 and 2022/23, so betting high on booking points is often a good choice.

Liverpool vs. Man Utd: While Liverpool and Manchester United have a rivalry, recent games have had fewer booking points. On average, there were 43.5 booking points between 2020/21 and 2022/23. If you exclude a game where United lost 5-0 and had lots of cards, the average drops to 36.6 points. This is generally not a very dirty fixture.

Booking Points Betting Drawbacks

Just like any other bet, it's really important to check the rules. One thing that can confuse new betters is that cards given to managers, coaches, or players who aren't on the field or have just left it don't count.

For example, if the captain of Newcastle United, Jamaal Lascelles, got two yellow cards while he wasn't playing this season, those wouldn't add to the booking points.

Also, if a yellow card is shown after the game is over or during extra time, it doesn't count either. So, even if Lascelles came in as a substitute during a game and got a yellow card after the game ended, it wouldn't affect the total booking points for that match.

Some people say that VAR (Video Assistant Referee) has made things more complicated in the Premier League and for booking points betting. VAR can't do anything about yellow cards, so if the on-field referee misses an obvious yellow card and you're close to winning your booking points bet, VAR won't help you.

But VAR can change red card decisions, so if you've bet on a specific number of booking points and VAR overturns a red card due to a referee mistake, it could affect your bet.

Top Bookmakers that Offer Booking Points Betting

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Football betting is a popular thing to do, it's important to do your research before you place your bet. Knowing the history of teams and players can help you make better bets when it comes to booking points.

There are many bookmakers that offer markets for booking points, and some even focus only on cards. The bookmakers we talked about in this article are among the best, so you can trust them if you decide to bet with any of them.

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