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Top Volleyball Competitions and Tournaments

For an exciting volleyball betting experience online, there are numerous renowned tournaments of volleyball matches to explore. From national championships to international competitions, here are some of the most famous tournaments in the world of volleyball.

FIVB Volleyball World Championship

The FIVB Volleyball Men's and Women's World Championships are prestigious international tournaments held every four years. These championships showcase the pinnacle of men's and women's volleyball on a global scale.


Volleyball is a featured event at the Summer Olympics, attracting teams from around the world. Additionally, beach volleyball is also a part of the Summer Olympics. While many bookmakers offer betting markets for volleyball matches in the Olympics, only a few platforms provide options for betting on beach volleyball.

NORCECA Championship

NORCECA, which stands for North America, Central America, and the Caribbean, hosts official championships for men's and women's volleyball. This regional tournament takes place every two years, bringing together teams from these regions for exciting competition.

Pan American Games

The Pan American Games is a regional multi-sport event that highlights summer sports in the American region. Volleyball is among the sports featured in the Pan American tournaments, which take place every four years.

Most Popular Volleyball and Beach Volleyball Betting Market

Volleyball odds can be found for a wide range of professional domestic and international competitions worldwide. The most common type of bet in volleyball is the match result bet, favored by fans of the sport. Additionally, there are numerous outright markets and niche bets available, including the popular sets handicap bet. We will delve into these betting options in more detail below.

Match Result

The most straightforward and popular type of volleyball bet is predicting the match result. Unlike other team sports like football, volleyball only has two possible outcomes, eliminating the possibility of a draw. To maximize potential winnings, many bettors combine match result bets into multiples, such as doubles, trebles, and accumulators.


Another popular bet in volleyball is the sets handicap, where you can wager on a team winning a minimum number of sets. The most favorable odds are for a team winning by three sets (3-0 or 4-1), but you can also bet on a team winning by two sets (3-1). This type of bet offers greater value than a simple match result bet and is often included in multiples by many bettors.

Total Sets

If you're unsure about the outcome of a match or prefer to stay neutral while watching, betting on the total number of sets is a great option. If you anticipate a closely contested match, you can bet on five sets. Alternatively, if you expect one team to dominate, you can bet on just three sets.

Total Points

Betting on the total points in a match offers an engaging betting option while remaining impartial about the result. If you anticipate a closely contested and high-scoring match, you can bet on a high number of points. On the other hand, if you believe one team will dominate, you can choose a lower-point selection.


Parlay bets combine multiple selections into a single bet slip, and they are successful only if all predictions are correct. The odds for a parlay are calculated by multiplying the odds of each selection in the bet slip.

Outrights – Competition Bets

To extend the duration of your bet, you can choose to wager on a team to win a specific competition, such as the Olympics or Champions League. This type of bet can offer high odds, particularly if you're not supporting the tournament favorite.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best option in volleyball betting?

The match betting option, also known as the match winner or Moneyline bet, involves predicting the team that will win the entire match, irrespective of the set scores. You select a team and place your bet based on the assigned odds. If your chosen team wins the match, your bet is considered successful, and you receive a payout determined by multiplying your wager by the assigned odds. This straightforward betting option focuses solely on the match's final outcome, making it a popular and simple choice in volleyball betting. Remember to conduct research, analyze factors, and bet responsibly.

What is the betting strategy for volleyball?

The betting strategy for volleyball can vary depending on individual preferences and approaches. Some of the volleyball betting strategies are Outsider betting strategy and Volleyball Midway Betting strategy.

What is over 43.5 in volleyball?

In volleyball betting, “over 43.5” refers to a betting option related to the total number of points scored in a match. It means that you are predicting whether the total combined points scored by both teams in the match will be higher than 43.5 or not.

What is over 180 in volleyball?

Over 180 refers to a betting option related to the total number of points scored in a match. It means that you are predicting whether the total combined points scored by both teams in the match will be higher than 180 or not.