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Welcome to our basketball livescore service, a destination for all basketball fans seeking real-time updates and live scores. Whether it´s chicago sky, spain 3×3 w, brazil 3×3 w leones de ponce and etc. 

Get ready to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of basketball with our comprehensive service. Stay connected to the pulse of the game with up-to-the-minute basketball live scores, catering to the passion and excitement of basketball fans worldwide. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are Most Valuable NBA Teams to Bet on?

By examining the performance of NBA teams , we have identified these teams that offer the highest return on investment for bettors. These following NBA teams have been consistently favorable for betting which are Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, Utah Jazz.

What is FIBA3x3?

The FIBA World Cup 3×3, organized by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), is a prestigious tournament for national teams competing in 3×3 basketball. The inaugural event took place in August 2012. The tournament features two separate competitions: one for men and another for women. The example teams are usa 3×3 w, mongolia 3×3 w, czech republic 3×3 w, Aachen Der Stamm GER.

Which are the Best Teams ranking for FIBA3x3 W?

Canada 3×3 w holds the distinction of being the inaugural team listed in The FIBA 3×3 Team Ranking. Followed by france 3×3 w, china and germany.   This ranking is determined by aggregating the FIBA 3×3 Individual World Ranking points of the three highest-ranked players from each team, adhering to the guidelines outlined in the FIBA 3×3 Ranking Guide.

Do you Provide Live Games and Odds Comparison?

Yes, we provide live games apart from just basketball live scores. However, we don't provide odds comparison. Instead we give you the best odds for each of your bets. Our aim is to save you time and money by presenting you with the most favorable odds available, enabling you to make informed decisions and continue your betting journey with the greatest potential benefits.

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